Create successful screenplays in perfect script format using the Hollywood Script Format Chart®

Hollywood Script Format Chart
Includes plot points, hooks, emotional curves, formatting & submission tips & page number breakdown.

Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” model teaches the importance of myth in a story and describes the many archetypes the hero encounters on his journey. The 3 Act Structure dates back to Aristotle. Shakespeare developed it further in his plays. Hollywood uses it in practically every film today. It’s the backbone of Story.

The Writer’s package contains everything you need to write, sell and market your script or story

Whether you’re writing for TV, adapting a book into a screenplay, or writing a feature film, all the material you need is in this package. The Hollywood Script Formula Chart has every formula created for the art of screenwriting superimposed on the standard 3 act structure and the film charts show you how a good story is structured.

The Producer’s Package includes everything you need to write a great script and produce a successful film

Includes the Writers Package

The Producers Package includes *The complete Writers Package, A Sample Business Plan for the film project, a real film budget of 1 million dollars created by an accomplished line producer who has produced over 20 films, a development budget, an executive summary for the same film, so investors will want to fund your film, an actual press kit created for a major studio picture, an actual shooting schedule, a complete storyboard with helpful hints, the production forms and contracts you will need to produce your film, Film Charts that cover the complete filmmaking process & much more.

The Distributor’s package includes everything you need to write, produce, direct and distribute your film

Includes both the Writers and Producers Package 

Once you land a deal, your movie must pass the QC process with a lab to prepare it for distribution. It must be color-corrected, meet audio level specifications, converted to many different formats and sizes and all the publicity, marketing and press material must be written. This Package includes a list of all the deliverables that are required by the studio and actual samples that were prepared for a real deal. It includes everything that is required to prepare the film from the deal to the movie’s release. The Distribution Package also includes both the Writers and Producers Package.