Producers Package


Everything you need to write a great script and produce and successful film.



The Producers Package includes *The complete Writers Package, A Sample Business Plan for the film project, a real film budget of 1 million dollars created by an accomplished line producer who has produced over 20 films, a development budget for the same film –this is a budget for the initial costs to put the film in development, an executive summary for the same film—this is an attractive proposal for the investors so that they will want to fund your film, an actual press kit created for a major studio picture, an actual shooting schedule, a complete storyboard with helpful hints, the production forms and contracts you will need to produce your film, Film Charts that cover the complete filmmaking process and much much more.

*Writers Package
Star Wars Script Charts
Production Forms
Production Contracts
Full Film Business Plan (39 Pages)
1 Million Dollar Budget
Filmmaker’s Chart

Distribution Chart
Story Board
Press Kit
Shooting Schedule
Executive Summary

Development Budget
The Screenwriter’s Secret

Investor Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
Post-Prod. Chart
Pre-Prod Chart
Film Proposal