Star Wars 4 (A New Hope)


Star Wars A New Hope Episode 4: Rebellion has broken out in the Galactic Empire and it is a time of civil war. The Empire’s attempt to crush this rebellion involves the creation of the Death Star, a space station which can destroy an entire planet. Princess Leia has stolen the plans to this Death Star and is racing to deliver them to her Rebel allies to continue their efforts to restore freedom to the galaxy…



This chart is a full color coded layout of EPISODE 4 A NEW HOPE. It includes the 3 acts; 
1. Luke Skywalker Joins the Rebellion 2. Aboard The Death Star 3.The Battle of Yavin, and detailed scene breakdowns descriptions for each act. It includes the hero’s journey model and how it specifically relates to the main character in this episode. The back of the chart includes a complete description of the film in perfect detail: The Introduction crawl, story synopsis, and the breakdown of each scene on the front of the chart in even more detail. Star Wars is a timeless story grounded in mythology like stories from our childhood that draw us in, leave us full of awe and wonder, and compel us to return. The Star wars Saga appeals to the human psyche on all levels which has made it one of the most enduring stories of modern times.