This video shows you how to direct  your first DV film. DV filmmaking is the most logical way to make your first film, especially for a first time filmmaker. Why?  Because most independent filmmakers can’t afford all the stuff you see in all those big trailers and trucks during a production. There are trailers for talent to relax, generators, big lights, cameras, big dollies, tripods, monitors and electrical cables. Most of these big budget productions are using 35 mm cameras which weigh 80 pounds and cost a fortune. They will also use a  big crew to operate and set up the equipment. That’s why films cost so much to make.

This video shows how YOU , the DV Filmmaker, can skip all that nonsense and make your first film and make it look good with very little money.  Everything you need to shoot a DV film can fit into a small mini van or SUV.  Anyone can now make a film using a small lightweight digital video camera and a non linear editing system on your computer. This 60 minute video covers the choices of cameras you can use, the equipment you will need, lighting, crew and show you how to direct your first DV feature or short film.
(Included in the Director’s Package)