The first thing you want to do is write a script. To get started you need to purchase The Hollywood Script Formula Chart.  Then you want to purchase, Syde Fields “Screenplay” Michael Hauge’s “Writing Scripts that Sell” and Chris Vogler’s “The Writer’s Journey” These are books that you must get if you are a beginner screenwriter. If you do not plan on moving to LA then it will be more difficult to make the contacts that would be advantageous to you as a screenwriter. You also want to purchase “The Hollywood Creative Directory (Producers) and “The Hollywood Creative Directory (Agents and Managers). Then you want to learn about query letters and how to write them. The internet has many sample query letters, synopsis and treatments. Look for these samples free on this site very soon. The producers and Agents in Hollywood will want to see a query letter or a synopsis on your script. Below are eight methods to get your script read in Hollywood:

1. For agents: send a one page query letter about who you are and what your script is about. Send out one of these to every Writers Guild Agency who accepts material from New writers. You can find this out on You will get a response from every one of them. It may be a rejection but you may also get a request to read your script. This is how you will get an agent.

2. If you can get an agent this way they will shop your script around to the producers.

3. You can call up the production companies in the Hollywood Creative directory and find the ones you think will be interested in the particular genre you are writing and ask them if they would like to receive a synopsis of your script. They will tell you their submission guidelines.

4. You can just send out a bunch of query letters to all the production companies blindly and see if you get any calls. Address them to the Development Executive or Creative Director.

5. Another way to get your script recognized is to enter it into the screenplay contests. There are many contests per year all over the place. You can also find these online and usually a submission runs about 40 dollars. If you are the in the top three, agents will take notice.

6. Another thing you can do is find out who does script coverage in Hollywood (usually runs around $200.00. These people will read your script and do “coverage” on it. If they like it they will send it to the agents they work with and recommend it to them.

7. If a producer expresses interest in your script and makes an offer to buy it, you can call CAA, ICM, or William Morris and ask to speak to an agent. They will usually want to represent you depending on how big the offer is and who wants to buy it.

8. The best option and the hardest one is to find someone in the business you know or a famous actor that you can get interested in you story/script. If you can get these people “attached” to the project, it will take off and you can sit back and let them set it all up with the right producer. You don’t want to get an entertainment attorney until you actually have an offer for the script, they won’t be interested in representing you anyway until you have an offer, unless you are personal friends with the attorney.

Make sure you read the book, “The business of Screenwriting, it will tell you all about the purchasing process and how to protect yourself and get what you deserve. Your first step is to buy the Hollywood Script Formula Chart. Write a script. Next, move to Los Angeles. The chances are that nothing will happen for you until you do. Good Luck!