There is no secret of screenwriting is there?  Of course there is. It’s the secret that all the successful screenwriters in Hollywood use.  I’m not just talking about format, structure, and myth.  I’m talking about the magic formula that when combined with the standard 3 act structure, myth, theme, format and a great character transformation turns your screenplay into GOLD.  This booklet will take you step by step through all 3 acts of your script and help you add all the necessary elements that makes a script fantastic.  If you’re just sitting down to write your first script or even if you’re just trying to make a script even better, make sure you read “The Secret of Screenwriting” before you go any further. This information is a sure cure to writer’s block and will get your story on its way to success.  Sit down, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.  It’s time to write a serious script.  GOOD LUCK!