This Script Formula Chart shows the timeless formula of archetypes and the hero’s journey model as it applies to Titanic.  By using these techniques Titanic expresses a universal emotion that touches people in all cultures and of all ages.  These archetypal patterns turn a chaotic event like the sinking of an ocean liner into a coherent design that asks questions and provides opinions about how life should be lived.  Titanic is laden with symbolism and meaning.    It is an epic story that is larger than life, telling the story of a whole culture, depicting the flaws in the people and social systems of its time.

Romantic love that liberates us and transcends death, as the primary theme gains a high audience identification.  James Cameron uses the classic Shakespearean formula: A Romeo and Juliet plot device, two young people from warring factions falling in love.  In the End, Old Rose has kept her secret all these years and returns the priceless Jewel to the sea: This theme becomes an eternal one: It is the archetype of “The Lovers” The hearts of a man and a woman finding a  love even beyond the grave.  Something that no one can ever take away from Rose and never will – true love.  The making of this film was magical from the start and Titanic took on a life of it’s own.  Ultimately, the success of this film is still a mystery.  It is a combination of acting, sets, costumes, music, effects, story, and archetypes that have an emotional and trans-formative power and, of course, the most powerful of them all — love.